Searcg for self

Witness the story of Adhya

Search for Self

--Nupur Dwivedi pandey

Search for self is a story of a young girl, Abhya's journey from a carefree college graduate to an independent woman. The story talks about fears that a person faces when they step out in the the'real world', the strenght that a parent requires to simply let go, the compassion that a child requires to understand and respect that stand and the bond that makes a family stronger than it is.

It is the story of not just Abhya but also of all the lives who she touches, and their attitudes shaping her decision. A father's dilemma, a mother's perserverance, a daughter's grit and a friend's inspiratioin and support, all are highlighted in the novel. Life is not about the big changes, its about the little things that happen to you on the way...... It is not just about her reaching Delhi from Jaunpur, it is about the little things on the way.